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UNSW Sydney creates an undergraduate pathway for SUBS in Schools veterans

The University of New South wales (UNSW) Sydney has established ROV Engineering Design Challenge for first year students as a follow-up to participation the highly successful SUBS in Schools program run by the Sydney-based Re-Engineering Australia Foundation (REA).

In 2015, REA launched SUBS in Schools with the support of the Department of Defence and Defence Industry. The program aimed to inspire the next generation of innovators who could contribute to Australia’s capacity for large-scale infrastructure projects. SUBS in Schools operates alongside REA’s successful and long-established F1 in Schools program which is also supported by Defence

As the demand for engineers capable of supporting the AUKUS nuclear submarines workforce continues to increase, says REA, it becomes crucial to establish a learning pathway that seamlessly connects school education to university studies. “In collaboration with the University of NSW, we have established a direct pathway for students to build upon the skills acquired participating in SUBS in Schools at high school into university through the ROV Engineering Design Challenge for first year students,” says REA.

SUBS in Schools serves as a vital link between traditional education and the cultivation of both technical and interpersonal skills that are highly sought after by industry. Through project-based learning and the implementation of Socratic teaching methods, the program offers students a deep comprehension of the subject matter while honing essential skills that will benefit them in their future pursuits.

A key focus is placed on fostering strong connections between the industry and education sectors, acknowledging the pivotal role of active industry involvement in the educational journey. By facilitating ongoing interaction between students and industry role models, as well as providing insights into career opportunities, the program ensures a holistic educational experience that is enriched by industry contributions.

For decades, the task of encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM fields has proven to be a persistent challenge. However, through the SUBS in Schools program, REA has successfully created an inclusive learning environment where an equal number of girls and boys actively participate and has effectively broken down the barriers that hindered girls’ engagement in STEM careers.

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