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Littoral operations the focus for Army Innovation Day 2024

The Australian Army is calling on defence industry and academia to pitch innovative capabilities to optimise the soldier for littoral operations as part of Army Innovation Day 2024 (AID24).

Hosted by the Australian Army as part of the Chief of Army Symposium, AID24 will be held during the Land Forces 2024 International Land Defence Exposition in Melbourne on 11 and 12 September 2024. However, it has no relationship with the Land Forces 2024 Innovation Awards which will be presented at the same event.

AID24 is a strategic collaboration between the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA) and the Australian Army. Each year, Army Innovation Day poses a new challenge to encourage the development of innovative technologies to solve some of Army’s most complex challenges for the benefit of soldiers.

Head Land Capability, Major General Richard Vagg, said the challenge statement: Optimising the Soldier for Littoral Operations was chosen to support the rapid delivery of capability into the hands of soldiers under National Defence.

 “As a part of an integrated, focused force, the Australian Army must be capable of deterring a potential adversary from projecting force against Australia and make a credible contribution to the broader strategic balance in the Indo-Pacific,” Major General Vagg said.

“Our soldiers make Army a formidable fighting force and are our most valuable asset.”

This year’s theme will help Army explore how innovative technologies can enhance the operational endurance, tactical lethality and survivability of soldiers operating in increasingly complex, distributed, regional and littoral environments.

“There is an emphasis on getting capability into the hands of soldiers faster,” Major General Vagg said.

Since Army Innovation Day’s inception in 2014, 51 contracts have been awarded to defence industry.

Industry and academia with an Australian Business Number are encouraged to submit pitches to AID24.

Further information can be accessed via AusTender – Current ATM View – LCD22-0002-AID24: AusTender (

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