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First RAN officers assigned to US Navy Virginia-class submarines

Three Royal Australian Navy officers will be assigned to US Virginia class submarines based at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii after graduating from their submarine training in Groton, Connecticut.

​Lieutenant Commander James Heydon, Lieutenant Commander Adam Klyne and Lieutenant William Hall are the first RAN officers to graduate from the Submarine Officer Basic Course (SOBC), following their studies at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command and Nuclear Power Training Unit in South Carolina.

​The officers have now completed the US Navy’s 15-month nuclear submarine training pipeline with the SOBC being the last step.

​Lieutenant Commander Heydon, Lieutenant Commander Klyne and Lieutenant Hall will now serve as division officers on Virginia class submarines, leading a team of highly trained US submariners.

​​“Their commitment and dedication over the past 15 months has paid off, and they are now well-equipped to put their training into action aboard Virginia class submarines,” said Chief of Navy VADM Mark Hammond AO. “They have set a high bar for Navy officers who will follow in their footsteps, and demonstrated that Australia’s future fleet of conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines will be in safe hands.”

At Groton, the Royal Australian Navy officers experienced the same training as US Navy officers entering the submarine force. Their training at the SOBC involved the hands-on experience needed to safely operate Australia’s future conventionally-armed SSNs.

​The number of Royal Australian Navy personnel training across the US will increase to over 100 in the next 12 months.

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