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Defence renews Insitec contract for CIOG

Insitec founder Michael Branch. Photo: Insitec

Defence has renewed a key IT technical and professional services contract with Canberra-based ICT firm Insitec for $43.5 million. Under the contract, which has been extended for two years with an option for a third, the company is providing technical and professional services to Defence’s Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) Service Management Branch (SMB).

“Insitec responsibilities for SMB are wide-ranging and cover process governance, user-facing services, service maturity improvements, service management reporting and the interim enterprise information management data warehousing capability,” said Insitec Group Managing Director Michael Branch.

“We also assist with service integration and management (SIAM) governance, customer feedback and complaints, user self-service, event and incident notifications, executive dashboards as well as assist the commonwealth in representational duties across forums, working groups and other project requirements as needed.

The SMB contract was acquired by Insitec in 2021 after the acquisition of Canberra-based consulting firm DMV, its ICT Provider Arrangement (ICTPA) membership and its more than 50 staff. The company also in 2021 acquired Horizon Defence Systems Pty Limited, a cross-industry alliance of Australian SMEs.

Insitec is also a member of the C4EDGE consortium led by EOS Defence Systems. In December last year this successfully demonstrated a sovereign Battlegroup and Below Battlefield Command System prototype for the Australian Army. The was demonstrated in a combat team environment, integrating mounted/dismounted and uninhabited platforms in a single network.

“It incorporates locally sourced combat radios, satellite terminals, cryptography, networking middleware, command applications, user interfaces, batteries, and power management into a coherent and fully Australian-controlled system,” said Matt Jones, CEO of EOS Defence Systems.

The C4EDGE collaboration also includes Insitec’s HIVE, a communications and data network management system that replaces the need to connect radio nets manually on the battlefield. The new system, which was demonstrated in December, is designed to connect the Battlefield of Things (BoT) and enable secure, faster decision-making for effective Joint All-Domain Command and Control.

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