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Defence calls industry RFI on future Test & Evaluation capabilities

The Australian department of Defence has issued a request for Information (RFI) on Test and Evaluation (T&E), demonstrating its commitment to work with industry to develop key sovereign Defence capabilities.

Defence in late-2020 recognised that test, evaluation, certification and systems assurance are essential to the delivery of safe, effective and fit-for-purpose defence products and systems. It classified these functions as a Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority (SICP) and in 2021 released the Department’s Defence Test & Evaluation (T&E) Strategy.

Under this RFI, Australia’s defence industry will have the opportunity to provide feedback and put forward innovative proposals on how it can play a key role in the way Defence tests and evaluates its equipment to implement the 2021 Defence T&E Strategy

Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said there is tremendous capability in the Australian defence industry that could be harnessed as part of the testing, evaluation, certification and systems assurance of Defence equipment.

“Our Government will build true partnerships with Australian-owned and controlled businesses to deliver sovereign Test and Evaluation capability for the ADF,” Minister Price said. “It is essential that we build this sovereign capability at home so that the equipment in the hands of our troops meets the highest possible standards and can be used to keep Australians safe.

“Through this RFI we want to understand how we can form strategic partnerships with key Australian businesses to deliver Test and Evaluation for the ADF.”

As part of the initial approach to industry, Defence is also seeking feedback on how it can best partner with stakeholders to implement a T&E Strategy.

Key areas of focus for the RFI include:

  • seeking feedback on the preferred models for engagement with industry and other stakeholders that will support the realisation of the T&E Strategy, and encourage innovation and cooperation between Defence and across industry
  • seeking feedback on industry’s current and developing sovereign T&E capability, capacity and willingness to participate in achieving the goals of the T&E Strategy
  • identifying opportunities and understanding the actions and investments required to accelerate the establishment of a sovereign T&E capability, inclusive of indicative time-frames.

The RFI will help Defence to consolidate an enterprise view of the Australian Defence T&E environment by the end of 2022, to serve as a basis for more substantial industry partnerships going forward.

Implementation of the Test and Evaluation Strategy is a complex undertaking and Defence says it will work with industry (including small and medium enterprises, and service providers) and academia to design and implement the desired future state that will deliver a wider sovereign test and evaluation capability.

Closing date is 10-May-2022 12:00 pm

The Defence Test and Evaluation RFI has been published on AusTender at

For a copy of the Defence Test and Evaluation Strategy, go to

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