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Innovation and R&D have always been the essential foundations of a strong, sustainable defence industry. Australia’s 2016 Defence White Paper, Defence Industry Policy Statement (DIPS) and Defence Integrated Investment Program (DIIP) acknowledge the importance of successful Defence R&D and innovation to the nation’s defence industry and thus to Australian defence policy. The 2020 Defence Force Structure Plan reinforced these foundations.

EX2 was set up by Dr Gregor Ferguson, a defence industry and innovation analyst and consultant, to make a useful contribution in Australia’s new and welcoming defence business environment.

EX2 helps innovators in Defence, the research sector and industry, and especially SMEs, by providing news and insight about innovation in Defence and adjacent sectors such as space, aerospace and resources.

Gregor Ferguson writes, teaches, advises and runs a national program designed to encourage and reward innovators in the defence, aerospace and maritime domains in both industry and the research and academic communities.

View his bio here (PDF opens in new window).

Dr Gregor Ferguson, Ph.D, BA (Hons), MRAeS

NASA launches third rocket from Australia

A NASA Black Brant IX suborbital sounding rocket was successfully launched on July 11, 2022, from the Arnhem Space Center (ASC) in the Northern Territory of Australia. The payload was the Dual-channel Extreme Ultraviolet Continuum Experiment (DEUCE) for the University…

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Rocket Lab introduces Responsive Space Program

Rocket Lab USA, Inc. is introducing a Responsive Space Program designed to on-ramp commercial and government satellite operators to the Company’s 24/7 rapid call-up launch capability and streamlined satellite build and operation options. “Satellites are vulnerable to natural degradation, accidents,…

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Daronmont achieves JORN upgrade milestone

Adelaide-based Daronmont Technologies has achieved a major milestone in the $1.2 billion upgrade of Australia’s Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) with the completion of advanced design work on sounders and transponders that enable the strategic surveillance capability operating across Australia’s…

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