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Avalon 2023 announces Innovation Awards shortlist

Twelve Australian innovators have been shortlisted for the prestigious AVALON 2023 Innovation Awards. And in their tenth anniversary year, the cash prizes for two of the Awards have been more than doubled, to $50,000 each. The Awards are sponsored this year by Australian innovation and professional services consultancy Synergy Group.

Shortlisted contenders include a company that has developed the world’s first camera that shows the stresses in the structure of an aircraft, a company reducing aerodynamic drag by applying the equivalent of a shark’s skin, and a young algorithm engineer who has worked on the autonomous control system of the next generation of combat drones.

The Shortlist is at the end of this post.

The winners will be announced and will receive their awards during AVALON 2023, the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition, at Avalon International Airport, VIC, Tuesday 28 February to Sunday 5 March.  The Awards are:

  • AVALON 2023 National Innovation Award
  • AVALON 2023 SME Innovation Award (including a $50,000 cash award)
  • AVALON 2023 Young Innovator Award (including a $50,000 cash award)

In addition, at the judges’ discretion, strong entries that didn’t win but are considered deserving could receive a High Commendation.

All Award winners and those who are Highly Commended will receive a trophy. The winners of the SME Innovation Award and the Young Innovator Award will also receive cheques for $50,000 each.

“The entries this year were of a very high standard,” said the Chairman of Judges, Dr Bill Schofield AM. “As a result, our shortlisting criteria, which are based on a certain threshold score, are very demanding.

“A number of very promising innovations didn’t reach that threshold because they are still at an early stage in development. I sincerely hope they’ll re-enter for the Awards next time because their entries will be much stronger, as will the Innovation Awards program.”

Some 25 entries for the Innovation Awards will be showcased in the Conference Centre at the AVALON 2023 show site.

AVALON 2023 organiser AMDA Foundation Limited launched the Innovation Awards ten years ago to recognise and reward local companies and individuals at the forefront of innovation. Since they were first presented at AVALON 2013, AMDA has presented Young Innovator and SME Innovation Awards to a total value of more than $485,000.

The Awards go to AMDA Foundation’s mission of promoting the development and growth of Australia’s industry capabilities in the fields of aviation, space, aerospace, defence, maritime and security.

“Innovation develops our nation’s education systems, our industry and export markets, and our military capability through provision of new equipment and services,” said Justin Giddings, Chief Executive of AMDA Foundation Limited.

“For our innovation award recipients the value of the cash prizes, although substantial, is matched by the value in promotion and awareness in the aerospace, space and defence community at AVALON. This is a forum where innovation is noticed, valued and nurtured, and we are proud to present these awards to highlight Australian industry.”



  • 1 MILLIKELVIN Pty Limited (VIC) – stress imaging camera system
  • AVT Australia (VIC) – CM234 multi-imaging camera system
  • DMTC Limited (VIC) – Laser Additive Deposition (LAD) to repair corroded or damaged airframe and power train components
  • FLAIM Systems (VIC) – virtual training for firefighters
  • Innovaero Technology Pty Limited (WA) – OWL (One Way Loitering) loitering munition for the ADF
  • MicroTau (NSW) – micro-rib film to reduce aircraft fuel burn
  • Quasar Satellite Technologies Pty Limited (NSW) – multi-beam satellite ground station
  • Real Response (VIC) – BlueRoom Mixed Reality (MR) training system for aeromedical evacuation
  • SYPAQ (VIC) – Corvo Indagine Airborne MultiSensor System
  • UPRT Australia (QLD) – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) for pilots using psychological inputs


  • Mr Callum Rohweder (VIC) – for his work at BAE Systems Australia Pty Limited developing the core guidance, navigation and control algorithms at the heart of the Australian-developed Vehicle Management System (VMS) for the Boeing MQ-28A Ghost Bat, or Loyal Wingman.
  • Mr Michael Scott (VIC) – for his work on developing a Mixed-Reality Non-Destructive Evaluation (MR-NDE) framework to simplify and reduce the cost of inspecting aircraft and carrying out maintenance on them.
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