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UTIC inaugural challenge – AUKUS workforce development

The Rhode Island-based Undersea Technology Innovation Center (UTIC) has issued a challenge to strengthen the training environment for undersea warfare specialists with a specific focus on AUKUS.

Submissions are due between October and December 2023, with judging taking place from December 2023 to January 2024.

The not-for-profit UTIC’s Challenge program is focused on identifying innovative solutions to pressing undersea technology, workforce development and supply chain challenges. Its inaugural 2023-24 workforce development Challenge is ‘Seeking innovative strategies to strengthen the training environment for technologists who develop critical undersea technology and manufacturing professionals who build and support undersea technologies’.

Competing teams from academic and vocational programs in the AUKUS countries will be invited to submit innovative strategies and approaches focused on select marine and undersea challenge scenarios.  Teams will be judged by industry and defence experts and will compete for scholarship and academic program funding awards starting at $15,000.

Pillar 2 of the tripartite AUKUS Agreement is focussed on joint R&D and acquisition in several ‘Advanced Capability’ areas, including Undersea Capabilities.

“The partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States is an opportunity to share both physical resources and intellectual capital to improve security and trilateral ties,” stated U.S. Senator Jack Reed, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. “Maintaining long-term growth and innovation within AUKUS will require developing the future workforce. Industry and academia will need to partner to build a solid foundation for the next generation of innovators and manufacturers.”

Established in 2016, UTIC is now closely aligned with the US Navy’s Naval Undersea Warfare Centre (NUWC) at Newport, Rhode Island. UTIC is a community of small and large technology companies, academia and non-profits collaborating to develop undersea and maritime technologies addressing industry, defense, and security challenges at the speed of need.

For further information go to the Defence Science Institute web site or direct to the UTIC web site.

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