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UPDATE: QinetiQ Australia partners with DSTG to manufacture high energy laser system

QinetiQ Australia has been awarded a $12.9 million, two-year contract to collaborate with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) to co-develop and manufacture a high energy laser system prototype in South Australia.

A world leader in laser research and technology, QinetiQ will work in collaboration with DSTG’s Sensors and Effectors Division to establish a high energy defensive laser manufacturing capability in Australia. Both DSTG and QinetiQ will contribute IP to the project.

“Defence is partnering with industry to build advanced and competitive sovereign capabilities in critical technology areas,” according to a Defence spokesman. “Directed energy technologies such as high-powered lasers, high power microwave and radio frequency jammers are beginning to enter the field. These disruptive capabilities will enhance and supplement current conventional weapons options for the war fighter.

“The development and manufacturing of directed energy technologies and systems provide significant future opportunities for the Australian defence industry.”

The high energy laser manufacturing capability will enable the development and delivery of laser sources suitable for directed energy applications, says Defence.

The Chief Defence Scientist, Professor Tanya Monro AC, said the collaboration demonstrated how DSTG is facilitating the rapid transition of science and technology into Defence capability.

“DSTG is partnering with industry to build advanced and competitive Australian sovereign capabilities for our Defence Force in critical technology areas,” Professor Monro said.

“We are incredibly proud of the long-standing and deep partnership between QinetiQ Australia and DSTG,” Simon Fredericks, Managing Director, Engineering Services, QinetiQ Australia said. “By leveraging QinetiQ’s high-power laser technology and test and evaluation expertise in collaboration with DSTG’s scientific innovation, we will deliver enhanced sovereign capability to the ADF.”

“The high energy laser manufacturing capability is an example of how we can work with industry to support emerging and disruptive technologies.”

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