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Türkiye’s first hypersonic missile passes test successfully

Türkiye’s Bayraktar Akıncı unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has successfully hit the target with its first air-to-surface hypersonic missile during a test launch. Türkiye is now the preferred terminology of the Turkish Republic.

The TRG-230 air-to-surface hypersonic missile, developed by Türkiye’s rocket producer Roketsan, successfully struck its target from a distance of over 100km.

Bayraktar Akıncı, developed by Baykar Technologies, is a drone

capable of conducting operations that are currently performed with fighter jets. The TRG-230 is aimed to be used against artillery and air defense systems, radar stations and logistics facilities.

“Bayraktar Akıncı has hit its target with the TRG-230, Türkiye’s first hypersonic missile developed by Roketsan, from a distance of 100 kilometers,”

The missile, which has an effective range of between 20-150 kilometers (12-155 miles), maintains its high sensitivity in case of GPS interference, and can also engage fixed targets, according to the producer.

According to local reports, the company has made a deal with three countries for the sale of Bayraktar Akıncı.

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