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Trellis Data partners with CCL Solutions on AI-enhanced intelligence-gathering

Adelaide-based Trellis Data has teamed with UK company CCL Solutions Group to integrate Trellis’s AI-powered solutions with CCL’s existing platform. This will offer intelligence officers a toolkit of AI-enhanced digital forensics capabilities to deliver faster evidence-gathering and analysis powered by AI, says Trellis Group.

“We are delighted to add Trellis Data’s Secure Chat, Vision and Speech solutions to CCL’s suite of digital forensics, data acquisition and analysis capabilities,” said Noel McMenamin, Chief Executive Officer of CCL Solutions Group. “Working in partnership with Trellis Data and Cairn Advisory Group we are providing innovative and secure, end-to-end data acquisition and analysis solutions, designed for agencies and organisations with investigative, security and privacy needs.”

Trellis Data is expert in a range of AI and deep neural network technologies, including natural language processing and translation, object detection, and decision-making at the edge. The company develops and deploys highly accurate speech-to-text models across more than a hundred languages and dialects that can be used for bespoke use cases. It specialises in providing tailored solutions for organisations with the highest requirements for data security.

“Our combined solutions provide organisations with a powerful workflow to acquire and extract value from a variety of data types and offer secure, multilingual transcription tailored to meet mission objectives. Together with our partners, organisations and agencies now have streamlined access to solutions that ensure data acquisition, analysis and control, to maximise their potential,”  added McMenamin.

The new solution will also take advantage of Trellis Data’s product offerings, including the new Secure Chat application. This is a highly secure knowledge management system, that crucially offers full traceability back to each data source and is able to search over a million documents in seconds. This powerful generative AI-led approach will enable intelligence officers to make queries and draw connections from across numerous streams of information, providing unparalleled oversight of surveillance data, says the company.

“We are very excited to expand our work with law enforcement by partnering with CCL, a highly respected provider of systems and capabilities to police forces globally. Our suite of applications is specifically designed to manage and analyse vast amounts of data, including thousands of hours of audio daily, making it a perfect match for CCL’s needs in supporting police and intelligence operations,” said Michael Gately, CEO of Trellis Data.

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