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The first Ocius Bluebottle Uncrewed Surface Vessels for the ADF

Commander Australian Fleet RADM Chris Smith and CDRE Darron Kavanagh inspecting the BlueBottle at the Ocius Technology facility. Image: Defence

The Royal Australian Navy has officially taken delivery of the first two of five Ocius BlueBottle Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USV) ordered by the ADF, despite the fact the USV has been in service with the ADF for several months.

The Royal Australian Navy and Defence industry have worked together through a Defence Innovation Hub initiative to develop the Ocius BlueBottle USV whose arrival was welcomed by the Minister for Defence Industry, Pat Conroy, and Assistant Minister for Defence, The Hon Matt Thistlethwaite MP.

“As a trading nation, surrounded by oceans, a sustained maritime security presence is essential for assuring our national economy,” Minister Conroy said. “Autonomous capabilities and innovative technologies, such as the Ocius BlueBottle Uncrewed Surface Vessels, will assist our Navy in supporting Australian interests.

“Powered by the wind, waves and the sun, the Ocius BlueBottle can autonomously monitor designated areas for extended lengths of time.”

Assistant Minister Thistlethwaite said the Ocius BlueBottle capability would strengthen the RAN’s ability to protect Australia’s trade routes, shipping, and marine resources to help secure Australia’s ongoing economic prosperity and national security.

“Uncrewed Surface Vessels will also provide the Navy with a platform for continuous experimentation, including support to other autonomous surface and sub-surface systems,” Assistant Minister Thistlethwaite said.

“The remaining three Ocius BlueBottle USVs are expected to be delivered by July 2023.”

Ocius Technology Ltd is an Australian Sydney-based engineering company developing and delivering autonomous solutions for maritime surveillance.

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