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Systematiq ensures RAAF transformation training programs hit the mark

By Sascha Sinclair, Systematiq.

Systematiq is a veteran-owned Defence industry consulting firm providing career pathways for men and women transitioning from defence to civilian work. One of Systematiq’s capabilities is the provision of Training Systems through its highly skilled team of Defence training design and development practitioners.

The company has recently completed work with the Air Combat Group (HQACG) Air Combat Officer – Weapon Systems Officer (ACO-WSO) Training Continuum providing gap analysis and recommendations for improvements to meet best practice workplace requirements.

They have also contributed to the review of the AIR5428 Pilot Training System with Lockheed Martin. This new training system will deliver performance-based options to train the next generation of Australian pilots over the next 25 years.

Samantha Goodman, Systematiq’s Training Systems Group Lead and ex-RAAF Training Systems Officer, enjoys the opportunity to continue to work with Defence programs: “Being able to add value by implementing industry best-practice to ensure the ADF are getting the best out of their training outcomes is extremely rewarding.”

Systematiq is currently contributing to the OneSKY AustraliaTM Air Traffic Management transformation program by providing a review of the Thales training modules for Airservices Australia to make sure they are fit-for-purpose for the Defence environment.

The OneSKY AustraliaTM Program is the most complex transformation of air traffic management in Australian aviation history. It’s a partnership between Airservices and the Department of Defence, replacing existing air traffic management systems with an advanced integrated system known as the Civil Military Air Traffic Management System (CMATS). OneSKY AustraliaTM was established to deliver more efficient air services, support future air traffic growth, and enhance national security. The program will deliver more than $1.2 billion of economic benefits to Australian airspace users over 20 years.

Two specialists from Systematiq with a combined experience of 50 years in training design and development have been reviewing the training material and working with stakeholders across the program to ensure it meets industry best practice. Through Airservices, Systematiq is providing support to the RAAF’s 44 Wing, which is responsible for providing air traffic control services within the ADF. Systematiq is ensuring the training modules created by Thales are meeting both Airservices and Defence requirements.

“This is the first time in Australia there has been an integrated solution across civil and Defence air traffic management. It’s critical to make sure the program meets the needs of the ADF, and the training is fit for service,” said Ms Goodman.

Systematiq has consultants across the country, with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

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