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South Korea’s ASWUUV conducts operational demonstration

South Korea’s Agency for Defense Development (ADD) has successfully conducted an “operational demonstration” of the Anti-Submarine Warfare Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (ASWUUV) off the coast of Tongyeong, South Korea.

“This Dual Operational Structure Will Be A Game Changer Which Alters The Paradigm Of Maritime Strategy Significantly,” Said Head Of The Republic Of Korea Navy (ROKN) Air And Unmanned Force Division, Colonel Park Gil-Yong. “We Will Continue Cooperating With The ADD And Other Related Organizations To Accelerate Development Of This Framework.”

The 6.5m long ASWUUV displaces 9 tons meaning it can be qualified as a large displacement UUV. It has been in development with Hanwha since as part of the ADD’s effort to develop “leading core technologies.” The system has a maximum cruising speed of 10 knots and can dive to 300 meters with an endurance of 30 days. In addition, it incorporates passive and active sonar, acoustic sensors, a communication unit and hydrogen fuel cells for extended operations.

The ADD plans on testing the autonomous operating system, miniature sonar, and hydrogen fuel cells of the ASWUUV in September.

Once in service, the ASWUUV will monitor and keep track of enemy submarines as well as tying down hostile submarines that enter its operational area.

The ROKN has been pursuing the development of manned and unmanned naval systems as part of the “National Defense Revolution 4.0” plan of the Ministry of National Defense. The ROKN said that the ASWUUV is an integral element of this plan.

“Once the ASWUUV becomes operational, our submarine force will be able to expand its operations,” said a ROKN spokesperson. “Moreover, it will facilitate the creation of the ‘maritime manned-unmanned dual operational structure’, a goal which the Navy has focused on greatly.”

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