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SOFWERX to hold Air-launched Loiter Munition (ALM) Assessment Event (AE) in April

SOFWERX, in collaboration with US Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM) Program Executive Office – Fixed Wing (PEO-FW), Stand-Off Precision Guided Munitions (SOPGM) Program, will host a series of events for Industry, Academia, and Government Labs to demonstrate and integrate Air-launched Loiter Munition (ALM) capabilities. The events are scheduled for 23-25 April 2024.

Submissions for interested participants close on 15 March 2024

These engagements will help USSOCOM identify potential material solutions and investigate the trade-space. USSOCOM intends to survey industry for mature technology with minimum development required to support rapid fielding of this capability.

The SOPGM Program Office currently supports Special Operations Forces (SOF) aircrews with short range munitions that attack known targets, visually identified by the shooter aircraft before launch, and use existing precision terminal guidance solutions such as Global Positioning System (GPS).  These traditional methods and sensors are not optimal for operations in a time-compressed and highly contested environment and is looking for ALMs with improved sensor technologies to decrease the engagement time from minutes to seconds, improve targeting solutions, and increase the survivability of SOF.

The objectives of Assessment Event are to explore potential ALM solutions with Industry, Academia, and Laboratories, based upon an understanding of current SOCOM use cases and operational landscapes for future conflicts; investigate the trade-space; future-proof the system for technology upgrades, with considerations for Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), Weapons Open Systems Architecture (WOSA), and Weapons Government Reference Architecture (GRA), as well as producibility concerns; and identify Risks, Issues, and Opportunities.

This event will be held in person at SOFWERX.

For further information go to the SOFWERX web site

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