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Saab Australia joins Australian Maritime Alliance’s team for LAND8710 Ph.1A

Adelaide-based Saab Australia has joined the Australian Maritime Alliance (AMA) as a key partner for the Army’s LAND 8710 Phase 1A Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel – Medium (LMV-M) program. 

At just over 45 metres in length, the proposed ‘Oboe’ design will offer significantly increased load-carrying and seakeeping capabilities over the LCM-8 and allow Army planners to deploy the LMV-M force at considerably longer ranges throughout the South-West Pacific and around Australia’s northern coast, says AMA.

The addition of Saab Australia to AMA’s Australian industry ecosystem will ensure that a mission-capable and mission-ready vessel is delivered to the Australian Army, says AMA co-founder Serco Australia. Saab will support delivery of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) as well as provision of key test and trials activities to validate the ‘Oboe’ design.

Only a few days before AMA also signed an agreement with Hobart-based electronics firm Pivot Maritime International whose Australian-developed simulators enable personnel to learn new skills and trial various operations and manoeuvres across a diverse range of simulated environmental and operational conditions.

Serco Defence Managing Director Clint Thomas AM, CSC, said the partnerships with Saab Australia and Pivot Maritime Australia represent AMA’s commitment to maximising the use of Australian industry skills to manufacture and sustain the new LMV-M vessels, further strengthening sovereign shipbuilding capability.

“Partnering with the ‘best of breed’, the AMA brings together a powerhouse of Australian defence capability to ensure the Oboe exceeds Army requirements and operational criteria,” Thomas said.

“Working hand-in-glove with Saab and other Australian industry partners will enable AMA to de-risk delivery and facilitate operations independently of Australian Defence Force bases with minimal friction during changeover from the LCM-8 Landing Craft to the new LMV-M capability.”

“Our significant experience in ILS, systems integration and verification and validation will provide value for money, speed to capability realisation, maximum capability availability, and through-life sustainment,” said Saab Australia’s managing director, Andy Keough CSC, who added that Saab brings extensive experience and a strong track record of delivering vital capability to the ADF.

“As part of our ongoing preparations for this important program, we’re actively engaging with our Australia-wide partner network to ensure we remain ready to deliver this critical program for Australia,” said Serco’s General Manager Maritime Operations, David Astbury, whilst visiting Pivot Maritime.

Upskilling Australian Army personnel to operate larger amphibious watercraft under ‘Blue Water’ and potential operationally ‘Satellite Denied’ environments is critical for the successful introduction of these vessels into service, he said.

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