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ONR Global launches US$750K Global-X Challenge 2024

The US Navy’s Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG Global) has launched the 2024 Global-X Challenge which could see winners earning US$1 million ($1.52 million).

White papers are encouraged, but not compulsory and are due 18 March 2024, with full proposals due 20 May 2024.

ONRG Global has called for proposals from international academia and industry researchers for promising concepts to achieve revolutionary capability advances in the multi-disciplinary technology challenge areas listed. Up to US$750,000 is available for projects of up to 9 months, with the potential for an additional US$250,000 for further work following successful proof of concept.

The Challenge Problems are:

Subsea Object Detection and ID (Underwater and Seabed) 

  • detect objects of any material and scales
  • objects may be moving or stationary, wholly immersed within the water or seabed or on the seabed surface
  • ID will occur at near real-time
  • operate in all salinity and in high turbidity

Personal Expeditionary Power and Energy

  • power density >1,000 W/kg and energy density >=5,000 Wh/kg
  • person-portable
  • low hazard
  • long-life, quick charge, reusable and recyclable
  • may be weight bearing and incorporated into structures

High Latitude High Bandwidth Communications

  • enables voice and 5MBPS data communications in the air, on land, ice and sea surface in latitudes above 60o
  • operates with low power at -55oC at >25km range in minimum visibility conditions

For further information and to view the Funding Opportunity Announcement – Global-X Challenge 2024 – go to: N0001424SBC06_Global-X Challenge 2024 REVISION 1

To see the slides and viewing link from the Kick-off Webinar go to: N0001424SBC06 Global-X Kick-off Webinar_22Feb2024_final_recording link

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