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Hypersonix announces DART AE-focussed teaming agreement with Kratos

Brisbane-based Hypersonix Launch Systems Ltd and San Diego-based Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. have announced an exclusive teaming agreement to offer the Hypersonix DART AE Hypersonic System into the US market, integrated with Kratos’ Zeus family of solid rocket motors. Kratos has also agreed to procure initially up to 20 DART AE systems from Hypersonix, once the combined flight system has been successfully completed and demonstrated.

The DART AE is a 3m-long, single-use, high temperature alloy, hydrogen-fueled, scramjet technology driven, autonomous, multi-mission, air-breathing hypersonic platform used to develop, demonstrate, test and evaluate hypersonic technologies and for other potential hypersonic applications. With Kratos’ Zeus and other rocket propulsion systems, Kratos and Hypersonix aim to frequently and reliably deliver an affordable, high cadence, high availability, overall hypersonic capable system and vehicle, to the hypersonic customer community.

Both Hypersonix and Kratos view the teaming agreement as an important step towards rapid future hypersonic flights in the United States. The Kratos/Hypersonix team is focused on providing a first-to-market capability, to test and demonstrate important hypersonic capabilities for US Industry, the DoD and National Security.

Through the exclusive agreement with Kratos, Hypersonix intends to significantly expand its presence in the United States and promote the sale of the DART AE system within the US Department of Defense (DoD) and potential other US National Security markets.

“We are excited to begin manufacturing and supplying DART AE vehicles to the US market as soon as possible,” said David Waterhouse, Hypersonix CEO. “To team with a demonstrated, proven industry leader like Kratos, to provide this game-changing capability, is a significant step forward for our Company, our stakeholders and the successful execution of our strategy and business plan. We are proud that DART AE will fill an important role, including as a hypersonic test system and platform, collecting critical flight data related to multiple mission applications at hypersonic speeds.”

Dave Carter, President of Kratos Defense & Rocket Systems Division said, “This exclusive partnership and Kratos’ potential procurement of up to 20 DART AE systems, enables the Kratos/Hypersonix Team to be first-to-market with a relevant capability, in support of US and Australian hypersonic initiatives. With Kratos’ Zeus family of solid rocket launch systems, Kratos’ Erinyes and Dark Fury hypersonic flyers, and the DART AE hypersonic vehicle, we can rapidly provide incredible capability to the hypersonic community at an affordable cost.”

Kratos is a technology company and a leading US provider of uncrewed, directed energy, space and missile systems. Kratos has made significant investments in launch vehicle and hypersonic technologies, including a focus on enabling affordable testing and other missions for National Security related customers, including Kratos’ Erinyes and Dark Fury hypersonic flyers, and Zeus Family of Solid Rocket Motors.

The company brings significant relevant experience to its partnership with Hypersonix, including having previously launched multiple Australian hypersonic missions in collaboration with the Defence and Science Technology Group (DSTG) and the University of Queensland (UQ), for the investigation of fundamental hypersonic sciences and technologies.

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