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EOS showcases counter-air and sea threat capabilities

Canberra-based Electro Optic Systems (EOS) unveiled its latest ground-breaking technology for countering air and seaborne threats at the Indo Pacific 2023 International Maritime Exposition.

The company launched its laser Dazzler, a silent, non-ballistic countermeasure against uncrewed aerial and seaborne threats, which was showcased integrated with the company’s heavy-hitting R800 remote weapon system (RWS).

Described as “Slinger’s big brother”, the R800 enables a multi-dimensional threat response. Vice President Sales and Business Development for EOS Defence Systems Scott Hicks said that the introduction of the Dazzler, as part of the R800’s capability set, heralds a significant development in non-ballistic countermeasures.

When coupled with the R800’s traditional 30mm cannon and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, the new optic-dazzling laser Dazzler provides operators a flexible range of kinetic and non-kinetic response options against uncrewed aerial and surface vessel threats. The disabling, and disengaging capability of the laser Dazzler makes the R800 a formidable solution to counter uncrewed threats.

“It is not merely an enhancement to our capabilities; it reflects the lessons learnt from modern warfare in utilising non-lethal effects in built up areas and the innovative drive that characterises EOS as we tackle the growing employment of drones in a wide range of contemporary operating environments across the globe,” said Hicks.

The laser Dazzler has been designed and developed in Australia specifically for export markets, with a focus on addressing contemporary and emerging uncrewed aerial and surface vessel threats based on lessons learned in recent conflicts, such as Ukraine.

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