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Can you help redesign the Army’s C4 Workforce?

Army is seeking an industry partner to apply their expertise and bring innovative and novel thinking to ensure Army’s combat command, control, communications and computing (C4) workforce will remain effective in the future. Forward thinking companies developing solutions that challenge the status quo are encouraged to apply.

RFI responses expected by 11 am on 31 Oct 2022

Army is embarking upon an ambitious capability and workforce review program to deliver a technical workforce ready to meet the demands of a future warfighting environment in 2025 and beyond. At the same time, Defence is driving workforce change, reshaping traditional pathways of generating and preparing Army’s workforce for the mission. Within this broad context, an opportunity exists to specifically analyse and redesign Army’s C4 combat capability and workforce, to enable the Army’s Objective Force.

Several employment studies and capability reviews over the past 20 years have not addressed workforce hollowness or capability optimisation.

Capability statuses continue to indicate the C4 capability and workforce are not postured to modernise appropriately without disruptive change. How the C4 capability and workforce and its effects support the concepts and broader capabilities to be introduced into Army and Defence over the next 10 years requires new analysis.

Companies are invited to submit a response to RFI 2450 to advise Defence of their subject experience, capacity and interest in assisting Army with conducting this Review program of work.  They are also invited to attend Industry Briefings session associated with this RFI. The details will be released by addenda.

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