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APC Technology conducts NASA-compliant environmental testing on Fleet Space satellite

Adelaide-based APC Technology has conducted vibration testing in compliance with the NASA-GEVS standard for Fleet Space’s Centauri 6, 7, and 8 satellites along with a backup flight model. In addition, Fleet Space has recently started testing Fleet Space’s A1 payload structure.

Testing involved resonance search, random vibration, sine vibration and Quasi-Static Load Testings. The objective of the testing is to simulate the vibration that the equipment may experience during ground transportation through to the launch of the equipment into space.

Fleet Space Technologies made history in 2018 by launching Australia’s first four commercial nanosatellites. Fleet is continuing its work on the Centauri Program, having launched its fifth and sixth satellites in 2021, and the next batch of satellites in 2022.

“Being launch-ready requires rigorous product testing to NASA standards,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Fleet Space Technologies, Flavia Tata Nardini. “We are delighted to collaborate with an ever expanding ecosystem of world-class technical partners. APC Technology has taken an existing in-house capability and expanded their skills and knowledge to be able to support companies like Fleet to access services locally.

“Testing our payloads at APC has made our ability to deliver on growing demand for universal connectivity with accuracy and efficiency.”

Following the testing the satellites underwent functional, performance RF and self-tests to validate the operation of the payload and ensure the electronics were still performing to the expected level. The payloads then went through Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) testing to continue the environmental testing campaign.

“We have plans to expand our test capabilities in 2022 to allow businesses like Fleet to complete additional NASA-GEVS requirements in one location,” said Scott Begbie, Managing Director at APC Technology. “This is part of our commitment to become a partner of choice for space enterprises… due to the tremendous expansion of the space industry in South Australia and the anticipated long-term growth.”

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