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AIR Hub spearheads AAM CRC bid

The Advanced Air Mobility Cooperative Research Centre (AAM CRC) bid has been launched formally at the AAUS Summit 2023 in Melbourne. The bid aims to secure a CRC Grant in Round 25, for which Stage 1 opens in December of this year, closing in March 2024.

If successful, the AAM CRC will start operating in July 2025. It will catalyse a dynamic new aviation sector for Australia, say its principals. It will provide an innovative research platform that will leverage the nation’s existing AAM capabilities and support the transition to a sustainable future for AAM applications, including vertical take-off and landing aircraft, Vertiports and uncrewed aerial systems.

The Bid Manager is Dr Victor Pantano, backed up by Bid Consultant Pratik Ambani who has a long history of supporting CRC bids. Interim CEO is Dr Adriano Di Pietro, Director of Swinburne University’s Aeronautical Innovation and Research (AIR) Hub; Interim Strategic Adviser is industry veteran Peter Smith, a former Chair of Aerosonde and former Managing Director of British Aerospace Australia.

The AAM CRC will strategically integrate researchers and industry including airlines, airports, operators, aviation services, developers, OEMs, customers, communities, regulators and policymakers to undertake and deliver critical research and development in the AAM ecosystem. The nascent CRC already has eleven industry, research and government partners and a web site – – soliciting Expressions of Interest in contributing to outcomes in its three key research streams – Air Vehicles, Air Operations and Ground Operations..

Over the 10-year life of the AAM CRC, it will help deliver a whole-of-industry uplift by supporting timely, long-term advancements across those research streams, covering the ground-to-sky challenge of introducing advanced air mobility as well as developing sovereign industry capabilities to supply AAM products and services for Australia and export.

Growing the sector with a focus on digitalisation, materials and manufacturing, sustainability, and testing and flight trials, the AAM CRC will see a more connected Australia. The CRC will utilise the AAM network and industry to close our vast distances and secure a sustainable and globally competitive air mobility future.

The AAM CRC will also enable interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange between leading experts across the commercial, civil, emergency and defence sectors. The CRC will revolutionise Australia’s aviation and aerospace industry by fostering an environment that supports long-term advancements in AAM and drives Australia toward a clean, sustainable and globally competitive air mobility future.

Across its three research streams the AAM CRC will allow aviation operators, transportation users, service providers, and government regulatory and licensing authorities to optimise the introduction of AAM into the national transportation system. The CRC will identify and provide outcomes for Australian products and services in air vehicles, air operations and ground infrastructure for national and international markets.

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