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AICRAFT and HEX20 partnership to leverage smart satellite technology

South Australian companies AICRAFT and HEX20 have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop a new constellation of smart satellites. 

The partnership will explore the design, deployment and operation of nanosatellites and payloads in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), utilising AICRAFT’s artificial intelligence and semiconductor technologies along with HEX20’s expertise in designing and building satellites and avionics.

The companies will also investigate building smarter, larger satellites for future geostationary and deep space missions.

The CEO of AICRAFT, Dr Tony Scoleri, said the company is on a mission to turn every payload into a smart one using AI technology.

“We are excited to partner with local South Australian company HEX20 as this will give us the scope to integrate, launch and provide low-latency services to customers.”

The CEO of HEX20, Lloyd Jacob Lopez, added that state-of-the-art software-defined and AI payloads are a must-have in modern satellites.

AICRAFT has also signed an MoU with Polish imaging payload specialist Scanway to develop and bring new innovative smart imaging solutions to the market.

“The collaboration with Scanway provides us with a tremendous opportunity to embed our low-power, high-speed edge computing technology in space-proven imaging systems for real-time Earth Observation and space domain awareness,” said Dr Scoleri.

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